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Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN)

What is UIFN?

A Accepted All-embracing Freephone Amount (UIFN) enables an All-embracing Freephone Account (IFS) chump to be allocated a altered freephone number(s) that is the aforementioned throughout the world.

A UIFN is composed of a three-digit country cipher for all-around account application, i.e. 800, followed by an 8 chiffre All-around Subscriber Amount (GSN), consistent in an 11-digit anchored format. (An IFS addition have to punch an all-embracing prefix above-mentioned to the UIFN).

The Telecommunication Standardization Bureau of the ITU has been requested to accomplish the appointment of Registrar for UIFNs, amenable for processing allotment requests and appointment of the GSN allocation of the UIFN in accordance with ITU-T (new) Recommendation E.169 and (revised) Recommendation E.152, “International Freephone Service”.

Some history on UIFN.

Initially, the All-embracing Freephone Account had one admission method: calm freephone numbers (the chump has to acquaint a altered amount in a altered architecture in anniversary country). This was about too circuitous for beyond companies and their customers. There was a bright bazaar appeal for a accepted amount format.

This appeal was bidding in a addition to a abstraction accumulation of the ITU-T in 1993 and in 1997 UIFN was alien by ITU and adopted by carriers/operators about the world.


IFN is for companies who wish a bounded contour and

UIFN is for companies who adopt a accumulated angel and wish to ability barter in added than one country with one bulletin and one number

Statements accompanying to UIFN.

“Anyone, anywhere, who picks up any blazon of telephone, should be able to punch an All-embracing Freephone amount and the alarm should be free”.

Because in some cases it is technically and/or economically not achievable that calls are consistently chargeless to the callers, there is aswell a additional statement:

“Where a best has to be fabricated amid admission with some blazon of allegation and no admission at all (particularly with adaptable phones), it is accustomed that admission with some allegation (for the callers) is bigger to no access.”

Conditions for accomplishing of UIFN amid any two countries.

Bilateral Account Agreement of UIFN amid two all-embracing carriers (the one acting as admission provider for the account provider in the added country and carnality versa)

Existing calm 00800-interconnection adjustment with all anchored and adaptable operators, including payphones

Willingness of all parties complex to avenue 00800-calls to the UIFN admission provider

The accomplishing of an agreed adjustment amid the all-embracing carriers to analyze altered origins/tariffs (usually bifold routing)

Ideally no adrift fee to be levied by host adaptable abettor (in case area the admission is toll-free for non-roaming adaptable callers)

In case there are added parties in one country accouterment admission to UIFN, it will be all-important to apparatus a adjustment of identification of the admission provider in the arrangement (possibly IN solution)

UIFN Format.

A UIFN is composed of a 3-digit CC (ITU-T Recommendation E.164 country code) for a all-around account application, 800 and an 8-digit All-around Subscriber Amount (GSN), consistent in an 11-digit anchored format.

As an example,

An IFS customer’s UIFN could be +800 12345678, area 12345678 getting the IFS customer’s GSN.

An IFS addition have to punch an all-embracing prefix above-mentioned to the UIFN.

CC ITU-T Recommendation E.164 Country Code

GSN All-around Subscriber Number

IFS All-embracing Freephone Service

UIFN Accepted All-embracing Freephone Number

Benefits of UIFN.

Universal All-embracing Freephone Numbering Account optimizes Company’s business spending by application one individual toll-free amount in all accommodating countries which streamlines company’s assessment chargeless operations and makes telecom administration easier. There’s no allegation to set up and advance a altered amount for anniversary country.

No abettor abetment all-important

Easier to remember, easier to acquaint

Leverage company’s commercial efforts to bazaar a individual amount “universally”

Builds a common accumulated character

Provides the actualization of a bounded attendance after acute a concrete area in-country

Existing U.S. toll-free amount can be anchored by inserting above-mentioned or abaft accompaniment digits to ability a absolute of eight digits

Single-step dialing requires no abettor assistance, behindhand of area calls arise

Problems with UIFN.

ACCESS: UIFN is an able service, it is not mandatory. Some telecom providers feel chargeless to block or to not accommodate admission to UIFN

DOUBLE CHARGING: some adaptable providers allegation adaptable callers dialing freephone numbers (whilst at the aforementioned time accepting broad ante for the use of their network)

TECHNICAL BARRIERS: adjustments to (financial) systems are appropriate to ensure actual administration amid parties.

– telecommunications history group